Rain Rain Go Away – Or not!!

Today’s not so glorious weather has got us looking out of our window, rather grateful for not being caught in the middle of the downpour!  It’s fair to say everything is getting a good soaking, courtesy of the Great British Spring time weather. But if you put off heading out in your campervan due to this kind of British offering, have you ever considered the addition of an awning?


An awning can open up a whole new side to your campervan – quite literally, adding a new room, extra storage space especially for muddy boots or wet gear,a shelter from the rain or even the sun, however, choosing the perfect match for your needs can be a bewildering process; having the right information to hand can make this process a little easier, so we’ve put together a brief video to hopefully clarify any questions you might have about campervan awnings…..


If you have any other questions, or would like to get in touch with us about which awning might be best for you – you can always give us a call on 01403 336369 – we’d love to be able to help keep you a little drier this Spring.


Why own a campervan anyway?

Lots of people say to me

  • why a campervan?
  • Why is it so much better than a caravan?
  • Why not just pack up a tent?
  • What’s the advantage of a campervan when I can just go stay in a 5* hotel?

This is one of my favourite subjects, let me tell you why:

With a campervan the world really is your oyster!

The thing is, if you have a caravan, and I can speak from experience as I have owned both a folding caravan and a large German variety, you have to pitch it somewhere and although that’s not too difficult to do once you find a campsite to park, it’s then not so easy to move around.

With a tent, need I say more?! You’ll most likely experience earth worms, cold nights and damp canvas.  The advantages of hotels are pretty obvious, however, you have to dance to someone else’s tune – get up when you’re told, eat when you’re told; there’s simply little felixibilty, but with a campervan…….

Home is where you park it!

It’s relatively unknown that in almost any public place in Great Britain (and Europe!) it’s perfectly legal to stay the night – even in the street! It’s great to be able to go to campsites too; enjoy the facilities they have to offer.

It’s just about holidaying though, it’s suitable for daytrips out and about, be it at the coast or the countryside; It’s easy to pack up some tea, coffee and bits to eat, and chill for the day!

Campervans are great as an everyday car too, it’s not much bigger than the average estate car. You can load in the kids, sporting equipment, shopping….. the list is endless!

Campervans are incredibly versatile which can offer an experience like no other.
Great for holidaying, day trips and as an everyday vehicle!