10 Things to do in your Campervan on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are never the end of holiday fun. Here are various ideas for activities that can be enjoyed inside the comfort of your portable holiday home.

1. Have fun playing games such as cards/scrabble/boggle. Cards are particularly great to take on holiday due to their compact size.

2. Lie back with some tea and cake

3. Read a favourite book.

4. Tell imaginative stories  

5. Create a recipe for a new dish

6. Try a new hobby – start knitting 

7. Plan following days adventures

8. Massages – fun and relaxing – ideal for a holiday for de-stressing


9. Tell jokes

10. Attempt drawing a portrait of a companion

There are infinite things that can be enjoyed when stricken to a day of inside-only holiday



Sweet or Savoury – how do you like your Pancakes?


People are always asking us and talking to us about what’s the best and easiest thing to cook in a campervan, which of course leads us to PANCAKES! 

We’ve found that pancakes are a great and easy meal or treat to cook in our campervan kitchens – the kids certainly love them and can’t wait to get involved. We’ve come up with just a few of our favourite combinations……. 




 a spoonful (or two) of SOUR CHERRY SAUCE

 you can’t go wrong with CHOCOLATE & BANANA



 sliced HAM and grated GRUYERE

 wilted SPINACH, blended with RICOTTA & PARESAN

 slices of CRISPY BACON with drizzled MAPLE SYRUP


…….or of course, crack out the lemon and sugar!

However you’re having yours this pancake day – ENJOY!


Some family friends took their campervan round Norway and Sweden the other summer, going right up to the arctic circle.  They said how beautiful it was with the fjord and the clean blue skies.  I wonder if they got any sleep with the long days.  Isn’t it great to jump in the campervan and drive to where you fancy.  It could be Russia or Norway or maybe Italy who ones…  I have stack of guide books to inspire us where to go when we are on-route.  I still prefer a guide book to the internet, though the web is so useful giving you up to information.  Otherwise you can be like us who nearly drove down an old road which was now a footpath in Spain.

 Isn’t it a beautiful picture of Norway so peaceful and serene.  Take me through with a good book and some drawing pencils.Norway fjord