10 Things to do in your Campervan on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are never the end of holiday fun. Here are various ideas for activities that can be enjoyed inside the comfort of your portable holiday home.

1. Have fun playing games such as cards/scrabble/boggle. Cards are particularly great to take on holiday due to their compact size.

2. Lie back with some tea and cake

3. Read a favourite book.

4. Tell imaginative stories  

5. Create a recipe for a new dish

6. Try a new hobby – start knitting 

7. Plan following days adventures

8. Massages – fun and relaxing – ideal for a holiday for de-stressing


9. Tell jokes

10. Attempt drawing a portrait of a companion

There are infinite things that can be enjoyed when stricken to a day of inside-only holiday



10 Great Things to Keep Your Family Entertained in Your Campervan on a Rainy Day

 Rainy day? – No such thing, we prefer to call it liquid sunshine, which also means we see no reason not to still have lots of outdoors fun in your camper on a grey day.  We put together a little list of activities we’re planning with our families next time it rains…..


1. We love playing silent interviews. In pairs and more importantly without speaking (yes, that includes whispering and mouthing too!) one person has to mime three interesting things about themselves. Once everyone has mimed it’s time to share with everyone else what the findings were – and of course have a giggle at the mime translations!


2. You can’t beat a good old fashioned board game, we always make sure we have stash along with a couple of puzzles and a deck of cards.  Some of our must have games are connect4, boggle and the iconic snakes and ladders.


3. We Love a story bag, which has to be packed with the right bits and pieces before setting off on the trip. Our glittery colourful bag is full of small toys and trinkets. One person gets to start by picking an item out of the bag and coming up with the first bit of a story based on that item. Then when they’ve finished they pass the bag on to the next person who picks another item out and shapes the story around that. You get the idea. It’s creative, brain taxing, gets the whole family involved and best of all its free as it is made from an old bag and bits and bobs just lying around at home. The only thing you need to add is your imagination!


4.Spot the difference is a great game for young children and adults alike, whilst harnessing their concentration skills for a good hour or so. Either sketch out your own pics or use a table of small items found around the camper, then with their eye firmly shut (always double check!) whip one away.


5. Dare we say it, go for a walk! Get togged up in your macs, wet weather gear and wellies and head outside for a fun, revitalising walk in the rain. Children will adore splashing in the puddles!

6. After your wet walk, why not try cooking up a bit of a storm in your campers kitchen, get some wholesome camper cooked food inside your littlies – Marmite pasts is a firm favourite with our little ones –  check out Nigella’s recipe here! Trust me – it’s great!

7. How about making a little keepsake of your rainy day – friendship bracelets. A current favourite which is quite cheap (or entirely free if you have lots of embroidery thread loitering around) is making friendship bracelets.  Not sure how to make them? Try this quick Youtube tutorial.

8. Unpack a “Rainy Day Survival Kit”.  We keep a box with an assortment of nic-nacs and bits’n’bobs, let their imaginations run wild. In our box we have rubber bands, balloons, markers, paper, string, paperclips, sellotape and much more!

9. A rainy day must have is hot chocolate, settle down in your camper with a warm mug of cocoa and some marshmallows, guaranteed to keep kids of all ages content!

hot choc & marshamallows

10. With your cup of hot choc in hand, grab a family favourite book and nestle in for story time.
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