We’re ready for Adventure – Are you?

We’re somewhat excited about our new Adventure Van concept, with the belief it enables everyone to get involved in getting outdoors and enjoying the campervan lifestyle. Let us know what you think and to find out more give us a call on 01403 336369 or pop in and take a look around for yourself


Keep the Kids Chilled & Cheerful this Hectic Half Term


Having spent the last 6 weeks cooped up in a classroom, getting the kids out and about will be key to remaining relaxed and centred this half term (still no guarantee, I’m afraid).

So get your wellies on, campervan loaded and head off to some of our handpicked half term hot spots…

  • As far as we’re concerned, you can’t beat a National Trust day out.  They’ve put on a wide variety of great activities for kids of all ages this half term.  Some of our favourites include the indoor enchanted forest at Petworth House in Sussex; you can make leafy crowns, wands and mini woodland houses; or the Scarecrow festival at Tatton Park in Cheshire – discover over 30 scarecrows and have a go at making your own! Worzle Gummidge watch out!

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  • Another great location with lots lined up for this half term is London Wetlands, voted UK best nature reserve. Feed the otters or take a guided tour – there’s lots to keep you busy.


Let us know if you’ve got any other fab ideas as to where to head this holiday and in the meantime – Have Fun!!


My number 1 in the Sussex Campers ‘Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the UK’ is the amazing Isle of Harris, situated in the outer Hebrides chain of Islands, off the West coast of Scotland.

There is an incredible diversity in the landscape, from the mountains in the North, to the numerous, unspoilt beaches in the South, the dramatic, rocky west coast and all of the glorious cliffs, moorlands, lochs and meadows. The spectacular scenery in this tranquil, idyllic getaway will really take your breath away. Although the furthest place away in my top 10 for most people, it certainly seems the most worthy of the long trip up there!

Make sure you visit the magnificent beaches of Scarista and Luskentyre, and explore the Harris Hills to discover the castles nestled in lonely bays. Get involved with some salmon and trout fishing, and a game of tennis or golf. Take a cruise to St Kilda, and the other remote islands of the Hebrides, which has been recognised as a wildlife and marine life habitat of world importance, with many different animals and plants including puffins, gannets and guillemots. Whilst sailing the ocean you are also likely to see whales, sharks, dolphins and grey seals. All of the Hebrides itself are great for many activities like sailing, sea kayaking, windsurfing and kite surfing and with the most consistent surf in Europe, the islands are a great spot for surf enthusiasts. Divers can explore a paradise of reefs, caves and forest kelps, all in beautifully clean and clear waters. The Hebrides have a wonderful, unique and spiritual civilised culture with vibrant and lively festivals, the friendly locals will make your stay all the more enjoyable. Find more info on festivals and things to do at visithebrides.com




Travel up through the lovely city of Glasgow, cross the Skye bridge onto the Isle of Skye and take a Calmac ferry from Uig to Tarbert. I would recommend visiting in June or July as they are the hottest months, with the longest days of sun and lowest average rainfall. There are two main campsites on the adjoining Island of Lewis that would be perfect for a trip in your campervan; Laxdale Holiday Park and Eilean Fraoich Camp Site with all that you would need from electric hook ups to clean, hot showers.

Embark on an adventure to the Isle of Harris in the Hebrides for an experience that you will never forget!

Make your holiday how you want it – that is what’s great about having a campervan- you can tailor make it to what you want! Our holidays mostly revolve around our campervan these days – flexible, fun, and family all at once! That’s why we founded Sussex Campers a few years back.

Find us on Facebook to let us know what would be in your top 10 or contact us to have a chat about making your dream camper a reality.


One of the great things about having a campervan is that you get to explore the great outdoors whenever you feel like it, as well as having some home comforts wherever you are in the world.

With the luxury of being able to step outside straight into fields and onto beaches comes the small downside that there is lots of muck you and the kids might bring into the camper. The benefit of having a small campervan so you can easily get around anywhere you like, without having to worry about turning circles, height or weight restrictions, will mean that there is limited kitchen space for the preparation of fresh food. With the privilege of having running water in your own vehicle comes the need to utilise less water than you may be used to, in order to save supplies in between water tank fills ups. These few worries will easily be wiped away with a few tips from us campervan lovers over at Sussex Campers:

Help, I am running out of water!

You can have lots of different sizes of water tanks in your campervan but you will still probably need to get used to using a lot less water than you do at home- (it may even make you realise just how much water you waste at home)

For cleaning the camper

Make sure you use hot water and antibacterial washing up liquid when cleaning up after food preparation and meal times but if the rest ofyour campervan gets mucky, you don’t necessarily need much water to keep it clean- you just need a few good tools and antibacterial products.

Have packs of antibacterial wipes like Dettol or similar around so you can wipe down sides, cabinets, floors and any spillages.
Dettol antibaterial spray and kitchen roll
Get a handy spray floor mop or similar from somewhere like JML so you can easily wipe the floor down quickly, perhaps once a day, and they are usually very easy to store.

For you and the kids

Take packets of face wipes and refreshing body wipes.
Stock up on the antibacterial hand gel that doesn’t require water to use in between proper hand washes. Make sure you wash your hands with hot water and antibacterial hand was when you go to the loo or prepare food.
Take packets of face wipes and refreshing body wipes.
Keep a few bottles of drinking water as well as your water tank in case you run out and need a drink.

Help! Where do I prepare my food?

The great thing about a campervan is having your own kitchen- being able to cook whatever you want and stop for a cup of tea whenever you want. You will, however, be unlikely to have a kitchen in a campervan that is as big as your one at home but you can still easily cook pretty much whatever you want!

Chicken- Chicken scares some people but as long as you are careful and clean up properly, like you would at home, you will be fine.

Washing up and cleaning after food prep is the one place that I wouldn’t skimp on water. Boil a kettle and mix with a bit of cold water and washing up liquid to wash up everything you have used for cooking. Clean down the sides with antibacterial spray too.

If you have a small kitchenette area go for the two topped kitchen unit that we install so that you can have half of your lid down over the hob or sink to create more work surface space when you are cooking or washing up.


With all the food preparation you could always do some preparation at home before you leave eg chopping up vegetables, making salads or marinating meats, and then put in tupperware boxes or freezer bags and keep in your fridge or freezer. Marinating the meats before you go away also means you will get some really, lovely juicy food- pop it on a BBQ for a really tasty treat!

General Tips

Don’t leave any food out uncovered as this will attract flies.

If you are reheating food, reheat once, make sure it is piping hot and then throw away left overs (I doubt there will be left overs where you are having nice long walks!)

Make sure that you have chemical loo cleaner, available from most camp shops, rather than just ordinary toilet cleaner.

Change your hand towels more often than you would at home, take one for every day and a couple spare, or enough to last until you do a big wash.

Use this simple tip: take your shoes off before going in the camper. Have a special shoe bucket and indoor slippers/ shoes- this will minimise the need for cleaning inside.


We, as a family, love to get away in our camper. It is so refreshing to see such lovely sights as the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset…

The deep gorge, engulfing the little winding road, is a breathtaking sight, and the honeycombing of caves and grottos will fascinate people of all ages. The walks are fantastic on the Cheddar Gorge, and when you are feeling a little peckish, you can stop at one of the lovely cafes, such as the Wishing Well, for a cream tea, or at the Cheddar Sweet Kitchen for some handmade, old fashioned sweets. You will also be in easy reach of the beaches of Weston Super Mare, the historic City of Bath and Longleat Safari Park.

There is a wide choice of excellent campsites in the area. One of my favourites is the Cheddar Camping and Caravanning Site at Mendip Heights which offers some great family deals. If you are a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club you can get even better rates.

If you like great walks and spectacular views, the Cheddar Gorge is definitely worth a visit!
Let me know on our Facebook page if there is somewhere specific that you think I should include in my top ten. Look out for number 9 on my list next week…


Southern Ireland is a beautiful place to visit, especially in June, with some of the lowest average wet days and highest average temperatures! Enjoy the vast array of lovely Sandy beaches, epic walks, great fishing and a nice pint of Guinness.

My family has had some great holidays in Ireland, travelling through Wales, with a night in the Brecon Beacons, to catch the Ferry from Pembroke Docks, to the pretty port of Rosslare. If you book to go to Ireland early you can get some great deals on ferry travel, which is how we travel when we are in our Campervan.

From Rosslare we have travelled south down the coast, stopping at picturesque sandy beaches, and ‘wild camping’ in the beautiful countryside, to the character full city of Cork, with its Cathedral and multi coloured houses a tiny snippet of all the city has to offer. We have often visited the historic town of Lismore, on the way, to see St. Carthage Cathedral and Lismore Castle, and take a walk down the Blackwater River, stopping for some fishing. Other great walks in the area include the breathtaking V valley and The Towers magical woodland trail, 3 miles outside of the City. We once went on a fishing boat from County Cork to the Cow Island, an tiny island, completely deserted, apart from cows. It was very pretty with sandy beaches, covered in millions of tiny shells surrounded by lovely warm sea. We were picked up after a couple of hours of exploring to go sea fishing- we eventually caught some Mackerel and cooked and ate it for tea!

Other great places to visit include the market town of Macroom and beautiful Kilarney with its National park and the Lough Leane. Southern Ireland has a multitude of beautiful destinations, from rolling hills and spectacular lakes and rivers in the countryside, to gorgeous beaches, and fascinating towns and cities, not to mention lovely locals! My tip to you… just go and Discover Ireland!

Rebekah Lopez Co-Director, Sussex Campers and Campervanning Mum


Next weekend the children break up for their Easter Holidays, so if you haven’t made any concrete plans then why not escape to The Lake District?

The Lake District is so busy in the summer, but just as beautiful at Easter, and much quieter and more peaceful. Just make sure you take a waterproof and a woolly jumper…

One of the most beautiful valleys in The Lake District is Eskdale. It is on the western edge of the Lakes by taking J36 off the M6 – you have arrived in a campervan paradise. In Eskdale you will find there is so much to see. Why not take the Steam train from Ravenglass into Eskdale on the famous Eskdale narrow gauge railway the La’al Ratty? Or if you are feeling adventurous the La’al Ratty offer canoe trips down the River Esk in 2 person canoes to Ravenglass before returning on the train. Have a look at westlakesadventure for some more details. England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike is a fantastic climb if you’re up for some orienteering.

For those who want adventure on the flat The Trust’s Owl Centre which is based in the beautiful wooded gardens of historic Muncaster Castle. It has huge European Eagle Owls down to pygmy owls, lots of fun family activities there and a visit to the castle good for a wet day..
For some local history the Roman bath house which starts the Hadrian’s Cycle way is worth a visit.

There is so much to see as you whizz round in your camper van through the valleys and dales discovering your our favourite places. Enjoy even a long weekend breath in the fresh air as you gaze across Lake Windermere.

Make your holiday how you want it – that is what’s great about having a campervan you can tailor make it to what you want. Our holidays mostly revolve around our campervan these days – flexible, fun, and family all at once! That’s why we founded Sussex Campers a few years back.

Why not come and see us, or visit our website, and see just how affordable and excellent owning your very own campervan can be? Lots of our customers have replaced their car with a camper!

Rebekah Lopez Co-Director, Sussex Campers and Campervanning Mum

P.S. Peter Rabbit lives here…