10 Things to do in your Campervan on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are never the end of holiday fun. Here are various ideas for activities that can be enjoyed inside the comfort of your portable holiday home.

1. Have fun playing games such as cards/scrabble/boggle. Cards are particularly great to take on holiday due to their compact size.

2. Lie back with some tea and cake

3. Read a favourite book.

4. Tell imaginative stories  

5. Create a recipe for a new dish

6. Try a new hobby – start knitting 

7. Plan following days adventures

8. Massages – fun and relaxing – ideal for a holiday for de-stressing


9. Tell jokes

10. Attempt drawing a portrait of a companion

There are infinite things that can be enjoyed when stricken to a day of inside-only holiday



Wild at Heart?…..

As our name give’s away, we call home sunny Sussex, so today, I’d like to share with you a little gem which has been brought to my attention – Wild Heart Gathering


This May Bank Holiday, the small village of Ringmer will be hosting a weekend of exquisite music, amazing workshops, wild crafts, delicious food, talks, debates, wild walks, forages, bushcrafts, yoga, dancing, meditation, song & much more.


Wild Heart offers you some of the best workshops in the country, ranging from Nature connection and living skills, Wild crafts, foraging, bee keeping, stone carving, woodcrafts,  copper smithing, yoga, meditation, dance, singing, archery, shelter building, tracking, dance, biodanza, flamenco, martial arts, circus skills & a host of other surprises for both adults and kids alike!!

So if you fancy unleashing your inner hippy this weekend, there are still weekend tickets (including the all important campervan tickets) and day tickets available from the website starting at £10 for a child ticket.

In Awe of Awnings…..

With the weather, my little obsession, being as it is as the moment – one minute sunny and scorching, the very next: grey and wet, my mind have turned to awnings.  The campervanners solution to needing extra space be it for sleeping or storing kit, shelter from the sun and rain or just something pleasant to relax under at the end of a long day of adventures.

We can offer many types of awning but, with many years experience, we’ve narrowed it down to just two to help make the decision for our customers a little easier.

The Pro-Stor Roll Out Awning

Image This is a cassette type awning that’s easy to roll out and retract – perfect for a quick shelter, extending your floor space and has the optional extra of a “camp room” to enclose the space.  Available for most campervans and in grey or blue (as seen), sandy beach not included!

The Instant Motorhome Driveaway Awning

ImageIf you’re stopping for a little longer a drive away awning might be the right choice for you, instantly offering an extra room.  Simply attach using the awning rail on your campervan, which we can fit, and it’s up within a matter of minutes.  It’s great for leaving unwanted kit at your site when your out for the day.

Below a brief video from Daniel explaining a bit more about the awnings we’re able to offer.  If you have any questions, as ever feel free to give us a call on 01403 336369

Sweet or Savoury – how do you like your Pancakes?


People are always asking us and talking to us about what’s the best and easiest thing to cook in a campervan, which of course leads us to PANCAKES! 

We’ve found that pancakes are a great and easy meal or treat to cook in our campervan kitchens – the kids certainly love them and can’t wait to get involved. We’ve come up with just a few of our favourite combinations……. 




 a spoonful (or two) of SOUR CHERRY SAUCE

 you can’t go wrong with CHOCOLATE & BANANA



 sliced HAM and grated GRUYERE

 wilted SPINACH, blended with RICOTTA & PARESAN

 slices of CRISPY BACON with drizzled MAPLE SYRUP


…….or of course, crack out the lemon and sugar!

However you’re having yours this pancake day – ENJOY!


My number 1 in the Sussex Campers ‘Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the UK’ is the amazing Isle of Harris, situated in the outer Hebrides chain of Islands, off the West coast of Scotland.

There is an incredible diversity in the landscape, from the mountains in the North, to the numerous, unspoilt beaches in the South, the dramatic, rocky west coast and all of the glorious cliffs, moorlands, lochs and meadows. The spectacular scenery in this tranquil, idyllic getaway will really take your breath away. Although the furthest place away in my top 10 for most people, it certainly seems the most worthy of the long trip up there!

Make sure you visit the magnificent beaches of Scarista and Luskentyre, and explore the Harris Hills to discover the castles nestled in lonely bays. Get involved with some salmon and trout fishing, and a game of tennis or golf. Take a cruise to St Kilda, and the other remote islands of the Hebrides, which has been recognised as a wildlife and marine life habitat of world importance, with many different animals and plants including puffins, gannets and guillemots. Whilst sailing the ocean you are also likely to see whales, sharks, dolphins and grey seals. All of the Hebrides itself are great for many activities like sailing, sea kayaking, windsurfing and kite surfing and with the most consistent surf in Europe, the islands are a great spot for surf enthusiasts. Divers can explore a paradise of reefs, caves and forest kelps, all in beautifully clean and clear waters. The Hebrides have a wonderful, unique and spiritual civilised culture with vibrant and lively festivals, the friendly locals will make your stay all the more enjoyable. Find more info on festivals and things to do at visithebrides.com




Travel up through the lovely city of Glasgow, cross the Skye bridge onto the Isle of Skye and take a Calmac ferry from Uig to Tarbert. I would recommend visiting in June or July as they are the hottest months, with the longest days of sun and lowest average rainfall. There are two main campsites on the adjoining Island of Lewis that would be perfect for a trip in your campervan; Laxdale Holiday Park and Eilean Fraoich Camp Site with all that you would need from electric hook ups to clean, hot showers.

Embark on an adventure to the Isle of Harris in the Hebrides for an experience that you will never forget!

Make your holiday how you want it – that is what’s great about having a campervan- you can tailor make it to what you want! Our holidays mostly revolve around our campervan these days – flexible, fun, and family all at once! That’s why we founded Sussex Campers a few years back.

Find us on Facebook to let us know what would be in your top 10 or contact us to have a chat about making your dream camper a reality.


Here is my number 3 review of the Sussex campers top 10 most beautiful places in the UK, giving you ideas for places that I think would be worth while for you to visit in your campervan or car.

No top ten would be complete without St Ives in Cornwall, as it feels like you are transported to another world. It won ‘Best UK Seaside Town’ in 2012 and 2011 from the British Travel Awards and has been listed as one of the 32 most beautiful bays in the World. It is clear to see why, with the fine golden sands and the crystal clear waters- possibly the cleanest bathing waters in Western Europe.

Embark on a boat trip to Seal Island to see the grey Atlantic Seals in their natural habitat and spot some porpoises, basking sharks and dolphins on the way, or choose from one of the many different types of boat trips that may suit you, weather you just want to relax or do some birdwatching or fishing. Take surf lessons on Porthmeor Beach, one of the prettiest beaches in Cornwall, or relax on one of the many other beautiful sandy beaches in the area. The Loft Restaurant and Terrace has amazing food on offer, cooked with local produce and fresh seafood or experience the culinary delights of one of the many other restaurants, bars and cafes. Visit the Sloop Inn, one of the oldest inns in Cornwall ‘circa 1312’, on the Wharf to experience some real charm and character.

There are many other interesting sights, within Cornwall including the famous Eden Project, beautiful Trebah Garden, a sub-tropical garden with a coastal backdrop, and Carnglaze Slate Caverns and Woodland Garden.

Ayr Holiday Park is the closest campsite to the centre of St Ives, and so boasts the perfect location to explore the local area, as well as great facilities including electric hook up, shower and toilet block and a laundrette. There are more lovely holiday parks and campsites further out of St Ives itself, but still near the beach, with fabulous facilities like swimming pools and bars and restaurants, if that takes your fancy, for example, St Ives Bay Holiday Park and Polmanter Touring Park.

Find us on Facebook to let us know what would be in your top 10 or contact us to have a chat about making your dream camper a reality.


Here is my number 4 in the sussex campers top 10 most beautiful places in the UK, to give you some ideas for fantastic trips away in your campervan… the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland.

It is thought that the cooling of some molten lava millions of years ago created the fascinating shapes of the Giant’s Causeway or, alternatively, that a giant ripped up the rocks as he ran along the coast… whichever you believe, this is a truly spectacular sight. For something really special, visit at sunset to catch the sea mists rolling in for a magical view. Once you have seen this coastline for yourself, it is easy to understand why the Causeway Coastal route, from Belfast to Londonderry, has been voted one of the top 5 tourist drives in Europe.

When you have seen seen the Giant’s Causeway, visit Portcoon, with its famous sea cave, made popular with tales of smuggling and ghostly pipers, or take a ride on the old Causeway Tramline. If you are feeling daring, take the coastal footpath to the exhilarating, and vertigo inducing, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. Go over to Carrick island with its diverse birdlife and amazing uninterrupted views across to Scotland, making it well worth the scary walk!
There are so many activities to choose from in the area including horse trekking, sailing, sea and lake fishing, surfing, and coasteering. Dunluce Castle, situated on a cliff edge, is definitely worth a visit as it is surrounded by jaw dropping scenery, and gives you an insight into medieval Irish life.

The coastline, dotted with fishermen’s cottages, small sheltered harbours, isolated ruins and shoreline fields, reminds you of the hard life farmers and fishermen endured throughout history, and a new state of the art visitors centre is due to be opened in September 2012, which will allow you to really delve into understanding the history and culture of the area, and give you tips for how to explore it for yourself.

Ballyness Caravan park is ideally located for you to explore the Causeway Coast with all the usual facilities you could need, including electric, water and drainage hook ups, free hot showers and laundry room, as well as internet access and wifi.

Find us on Facebook to let us know what would be in your top 10 or contact us to have a chat about making your dream camper a reality.


One of the great things about having a campervan is that you get to explore the great outdoors whenever you feel like it, as well as having some home comforts wherever you are in the world.

With the luxury of being able to step outside straight into fields and onto beaches comes the small downside that there is lots of muck you and the kids might bring into the camper. The benefit of having a small campervan so you can easily get around anywhere you like, without having to worry about turning circles, height or weight restrictions, will mean that there is limited kitchen space for the preparation of fresh food. With the privilege of having running water in your own vehicle comes the need to utilise less water than you may be used to, in order to save supplies in between water tank fills ups. These few worries will easily be wiped away with a few tips from us campervan lovers over at Sussex Campers:

Help, I am running out of water!

You can have lots of different sizes of water tanks in your campervan but you will still probably need to get used to using a lot less water than you do at home- (it may even make you realise just how much water you waste at home)

For cleaning the camper

Make sure you use hot water and antibacterial washing up liquid when cleaning up after food preparation and meal times but if the rest ofyour campervan gets mucky, you don’t necessarily need much water to keep it clean- you just need a few good tools and antibacterial products.

Have packs of antibacterial wipes like Dettol or similar around so you can wipe down sides, cabinets, floors and any spillages.
Dettol antibaterial spray and kitchen roll
Get a handy spray floor mop or similar from somewhere like JML so you can easily wipe the floor down quickly, perhaps once a day, and they are usually very easy to store.

For you and the kids

Take packets of face wipes and refreshing body wipes.
Stock up on the antibacterial hand gel that doesn’t require water to use in between proper hand washes. Make sure you wash your hands with hot water and antibacterial hand was when you go to the loo or prepare food.
Take packets of face wipes and refreshing body wipes.
Keep a few bottles of drinking water as well as your water tank in case you run out and need a drink.

Help! Where do I prepare my food?

The great thing about a campervan is having your own kitchen- being able to cook whatever you want and stop for a cup of tea whenever you want. You will, however, be unlikely to have a kitchen in a campervan that is as big as your one at home but you can still easily cook pretty much whatever you want!

Chicken- Chicken scares some people but as long as you are careful and clean up properly, like you would at home, you will be fine.

Washing up and cleaning after food prep is the one place that I wouldn’t skimp on water. Boil a kettle and mix with a bit of cold water and washing up liquid to wash up everything you have used for cooking. Clean down the sides with antibacterial spray too.

If you have a small kitchenette area go for the two topped kitchen unit that we install so that you can have half of your lid down over the hob or sink to create more work surface space when you are cooking or washing up.


With all the food preparation you could always do some preparation at home before you leave eg chopping up vegetables, making salads or marinating meats, and then put in tupperware boxes or freezer bags and keep in your fridge or freezer. Marinating the meats before you go away also means you will get some really, lovely juicy food- pop it on a BBQ for a really tasty treat!

General Tips

Don’t leave any food out uncovered as this will attract flies.

If you are reheating food, reheat once, make sure it is piping hot and then throw away left overs (I doubt there will be left overs where you are having nice long walks!)

Make sure that you have chemical loo cleaner, available from most camp shops, rather than just ordinary toilet cleaner.

Change your hand towels more often than you would at home, take one for every day and a couple spare, or enough to last until you do a big wash.

Use this simple tip: take your shoes off before going in the camper. Have a special shoe bucket and indoor slippers/ shoes- this will minimise the need for cleaning inside.