Geocaching by campervan

Campervans have got to be the best way to get around and see as much as possible of a country without having to spend hours and hours travelling backwards and forwards from a ‘home’ base. The main reason for that being that your base travels with you wherever you are.

When you’re done for the day, you pop up your roof tent and settle down for a nice meal cooked on your campervan’s built in stove, have a refreshing drink straight out of the fridge, all without the need to ‘return to base’. After a good night’s rest in the luxury of your own camper you can be up in the morning and head on to your next destination and repeat the process, exploring the world to your heart’s content.

Now this is a great opportunity for the interpid explorer but there are many other reasons to keep exploring further and further afield rather than sitting on a campsite. One great use of using a campervan as a holiday home, is to go geocaching…

Geocaching….What’s that?” I hear you say.

Check out this short introduction video to find out a bit about this great new activity that’s fun and exciting for everyone in your family whatever their age.

With over 2 million geocaches now active worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of caches to be found across the UK and Europe at large, you could travel around for months and still have plenty of new and exciting caches to find.

The picture below shows just a few of the geocaches hidden across the UK.

Geocaching  Map of Southern England!

To see if there’s any near you why not visit, it’s free to sign up.


Go Climbing in your Campervan

A customer came to us recently looking for a basic conversion of a van which she wanted to use primarily as a base for going rock climbing in Wales.

Here’s a few photos of what we did to a standard Vauxhall Vivaro to turn it into a small, but comfortable base from which to get around those Welsh crags.

This is the base vehicle, as you can see we haven’t done anything too special to the basic van apart from adding windows all around so that our customer can enjoy the view. We did offer to put a pop-top on, but the customer didn’t need it (as her plan wasn’t to spend lots of time in it).

Showing off the interior decor of the campervan, with plenty of room to relax and enjoy a cuppa after a hard climb.

The cooking facilities, with integrated running water means there’s no need for that long trek back to a motel just for a nice cuppa!

The all important rock and roll bed. Avoiding the epic of trying to drive home exhausted after a long day at the crag, in this van you can sleep at the crag ready to go again in the morning, or have a snooze in the back, during a break on the journey home.

(Photography by Sussex Wedding and Studio Photographer Alex White)

Definitely Worth A Visit…. again and again!

Down here in Sussex, every Summer, a small village going by the name of Ardingly comes to life with bustling excitement of agricultural wonderment and the gathering of all things fabulously British – it is, the South of England Show.


I’ve been visiting for a many years, both as a child and with my children now and still cease to be amazed at the offerings every year from show jumping to cattle judging, from terrier and pig racing to the sizzling sausage tasting – there’s something to keep everyone well and truly amused.  There’s plenty to eat, drink and even by merry!




This years event is this coming weekend – Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th June and with tickets from just £7, it can’t be missed.

Here’s the LINK – hope to see you all there!

Wild at Heart?…..

As our name give’s away, we call home sunny Sussex, so today, I’d like to share with you a little gem which has been brought to my attention – Wild Heart Gathering


This May Bank Holiday, the small village of Ringmer will be hosting a weekend of exquisite music, amazing workshops, wild crafts, delicious food, talks, debates, wild walks, forages, bushcrafts, yoga, dancing, meditation, song & much more.


Wild Heart offers you some of the best workshops in the country, ranging from Nature connection and living skills, Wild crafts, foraging, bee keeping, stone carving, woodcrafts,  copper smithing, yoga, meditation, dance, singing, archery, shelter building, tracking, dance, biodanza, flamenco, martial arts, circus skills & a host of other surprises for both adults and kids alike!!

So if you fancy unleashing your inner hippy this weekend, there are still weekend tickets (including the all important campervan tickets) and day tickets available from the website starting at £10 for a child ticket.

What we actually do……

Good morning all, I thought I’d take today to share with you what it is we can do for you at Sussex Campervans.  There’s no denying that there are many campervan sales outlets and a lot that buy in campervan furniture to install into vans – but finding a company that takes a vehicle and turns it into your dream campervan, from scratch, in their on-site workshop is a little trickier – but we do exactly that.  We are fortunate enough with our workshop and our expert team that we can sit down with you, find out exactly what it is you want from your campervan and convert it to suit your needs. BUT, that’s not the only way to get your hands on a Sussex Campervan, below are the various ways in which you can become the proud owner of your perfect campervan…..


  • We have a small number of stock vehicles, ready for you to come, look around and take for a test drive.  We’d love for you to fall in love with one of our stock vehicles so much so that you simply can’t leave without it!
  • For those wanting a specific colour or layout, we have a few stock vans – ready for conversion.  Be it a VW T5 or Vauxhall Vivaro, If you see a vehicle here that fits your criteria, we can convert it to your spec within 4-6 weeks.
  • Alternatively, if you would like us to build you a full package – source a particular vehicle with a certain mileage – year of reg – colour – budget, then convert this to your hearts desire – we can do!
  • Lastly, if you already own a van that you want to have built into your ideal campervan – give us a call, we’re more than happy to put something together for you.

We can cater for any budget between £9995 – £50,000+ and are more than happy to discuss part exchange on your current vehicle.  So, why not come see us in Sussex and see what we can do for you or give us a call on 01403 336369.

Little Camper…. Big Dreams

Want a campervan but still need a car?  Don’t want to drive a big van? or Just like things small and perfectly formed?  


We don’t like to brag here at Sussex Campervans, but I think we’ve come up with some pretty great ideas lately, all of which I love sharing with you – so today it’s the turn of the CamperCar.

Based on the Nissan NV200, our cleverly thought out design easily fits all the campervan essentials (and a few luxuries) into a car just smaller than the average people carrier! Complete with a good size Sussex Campervan Rock’n’Roll bed system, 4 belted seats, side kitchen with 2 ring gas hob and sink with running water, removable table, elevating roof and rear glazing.  Extras include rear speakers, reversing camera, front swivel seat and roof bed but to name just a few. Just because we’ve cut back on scale definitely doesn’t mean we’ve cut back on quality Image


So why not check out more info – HERE, give us a call on 01403 336369 or come in and see us in Horsham – even take it for a spin.


Time For Adventure…

Now Spring is finally upon us, what better time to head out into the wilds and have your own adventure?!

We’ve just finished our first ever “Adventure Van” and the people that have seen it over last weekend simply loved it.  We listened to our customers feedback and many wanted an entry level, basic camper to head off and enjoy some outdoor time, which is why we created a parred back version of our more luxurious bespoke campervans, with the usual quality of workmanship but ready to drive away at just £9995!


It comes complete with 6, yes, 6 belted seats, adjustable table, an extra wide Sussex Campervan simple Rock’n’Roll bed system, sink, fold down single burner hob, glazing, full lining/carpeting and with carefully thought out storage including extra long cupboard space.  It’s a perfect haven to come back to after a long day (or night) of adventures!



Want to join our Adventure….. click here to see more of our Campervans

Time for a Campervan Spring Clean….

Surely, by now, you’re starting to daydream about your upcoming Easter/Summer adventures in your campervan – the weather’s getting there! But before Spring hits us with a bang (we’re forever optimistic) it’s probably worth just taking half a day or so to get your campervan in tip-top shape with a Spring spruce-up and because we know you’re campervan is a precious baby – we’re not going to be using any nasties on it either!


Cleaning Upholstery

  • To clean stains from the ceiling, carpet and upholstery in your campervan, mix a paste of bicarb’ and hydrogen peroxide (available at most chemists). Put 1/2 cup of bicarb’ in a small dish and mix in hydrogen peroxide by the capful until you have made a thin paste. Dab the paste onto the stain and let it sit for 2 to 3 hours. Remove the dried paste with a soft bristle brush, then vacuum the rest of the paste off with a vacuum that has a soft bristle upholstery attachment. Repeat the process if the stain is still visible.

    To remove grease bunnies, dust bunnies, dirt and debris, use a vacuum with a soft bristle attachment. You can also use a tape-style lint brush. Lint rollers easily snag debris from the ceiling when you don’t feel like getting out the vacuum.

Cleaning Windows, Blinds and Vents

  • To clean the windows, blinds and air vents in your campervan, all you need is an old sock, a small paint brush and some all-purpose cleaner. Put the sock on your hand and mist it with all-purpose cleaner. Slide your sock-covered hand between each slat of the blinds to wipe them clean. Then, use the paint brush to brush between the slats in the air vent and down the track of the windows. To clean the glass on the windows, make your own glass cleaner by mixing 1/3 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water in a 2 liter bottle. After adding the ingredients, add water until the bottle is filled. Pour some cleaner into an empty spray bottle, mist the windows and wipe clean with a paper towel.

Cleaning the Exterior

  • When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your campervan, use a pressure washer if possible. Oftentimes, spraying your campervan down with a pressure washer removes dirt, debris, bugs and grime on its own without the use of an actual cleaner. You can also add 1/3 cup vinegar to a 5 gallon bucket of water. Vinegar helps clean your campervan, leaving it shiny and spot free. If all else fails – get out the bucket and sponge!

Once you’ve finished, leave your campervan to air for as long as possible – windows and doors open, then stand back and admire your hard work!

If you’ve got any great cleaning tips for your campervan – please let us know, we love sharing the knowledge – come over to our Facebook page and join in the chat.