Finding that perfect campervan present!

I was just browsing the joy that is and came across this great little idea for a present.

A VW Campervan themed toaster! ūüôā


On closer inspection, it’s not a ‘real’ VW camper, but a rather cheap knock off. Still it’s a great idea! Just not quite the one for me!

Have you found any nice campervan themed presents this Christmas? We’d love to know! Let us know in the comments section below.

Have a great Christmas!


Beach Trip Fun

Ideas for beach activities:

Badmington: A great fun game, made all the more funny when it’s windy!

Shell Collecting: For those who enjoy the pretty things in life.
Wheel Barrow Races: Be warned, people will laugh when you’ve just had a face full of sand!


Sand Castles: See if you can best this beauty!


Challenge your friends to see who can perform the longest jump… and don’t worry if you break the world record, the beach is longer than your school long jump pit!


Must-see places in Sussex

Our workshop is located in Sussex, home to some beautiful scenery.

Here are some places we recommend you visit in your campervan.

Devils Dyke

It is just North of Brighton and Hove, Devil’s Dyke in a V shape valley that carves its way through the chalk grassland.

Tilgate Park

With numerous lakes, lawns, gardens and miles of woodland and bridleways for long, but pleasant walks. The park is also has trees which have been listed as some of the oldest and highest of their kind.

Also in this small nature centre, home to over 500 animals and 95¬†varietys. The park is great for a summer’s day or a winter’s walk.

South Downs

A range of chalk hills that extends for about 260 square miles. It is characterised by rolling chalk downland with close-cropped turf and dry valleys. Making it a great destination for campers who like walking.

Top 10 Tasty Treats to Cook on the Stove in your Campervan

1. Delicious Soups – mushroom/lentil/pea/leak/chicken

2. Tagliatelle pasta – tasty sauces can be bought and added or made from simple ingredients such as tins of chopped tomato.

3. Omelette – lots of different foods can be added to these – or it can be kept very simple with perhaps only potato and onion.

4. Stir fried dishes – Chicken/pork/beef/tofu/prawn/bean

5. Stews – vegetable/meat

6. Spaghetti bolognese – this is a simple dish to prepare and appreciated by many.

7. Pancakes – these can be made sweet with syrups and jams. Alternatively, pancakes can be mouth-watering savoury meal by adding cheese and ham.

8. Eggy Bread – a quick, but tempting dish – great if you’ve returned from an eventful day and want something easy.

9. Rice dishes – so much variation with flavours can be had…Chicken with a white sauce is often a popular dish

Meatballs – made with beef and served with a sauce make a delicious evening meal.

Top 10 Things to do with your Dog When Camping

We all want our dogs to have as much fun as we do on holiday. The tricky part is having new ideas of what else they may enjoy, so I put together a ‘Top 10’ list.

1. Create an obstacle course of sticks, toys and chairs for you dog to frolic about with.

2. Make a home video of your dog’s holiday and upload it to YouTube. Here’s a great example of one!¬†

3. Play fun games together – like tug-of-war.

4. Teach tricks to your dog. Jumping through a hoop can be an exciting trick to master – depending on their size.

5. Go swimming with your dog. Why not let your dog experience the joy of a beach holiday?

6. Go for long scenic walks with your pet. They get to enjoy the exercise and fresh air – whilst you relax in a picturesque environment.

7. The old ‘go, fetch’ game never gets old.¬†¬†Retrieving a frisbee (flying disc), a ball, or fetching a stick are all great exercises for your pet.

8. Meet up with other dog owners, allowing your furry chum to socialise.

9. Blow bubbles for your dog. They love to chase the bubbles, jump and “catch” them.

10. ‘Hide the Toy’ games are loved by most dogs. This type of game is especially suited to the outdoors, making it a wonderful game to play whilst camping. Toys can be hidden under leaves, behind trees, under benches…


10 Things to do in your Campervan on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are never the end of holiday fun. Here are various ideas for activities that can be enjoyed inside the comfort of your portable holiday home.

1. Have fun playing games such as cards/scrabble/boggle. Cards are particularly great to take on holiday due to their compact size.

2. Lie back with some tea and cake

3. Read a favourite book.

4. Tell imaginative stories  

5. Create a recipe for a new dish

6. Try a new hobby Рstart knitting 

7. Plan following days adventures

8. Massages Рfun and relaxing Рideal for a holiday for de-stressing


9. Tell jokes

10. Attempt drawing a portrait of a companion

There are infinite things that can be enjoyed when stricken to a day of inside-only holiday


Definitely Worth A Visit…. again and again!

Down here in Sussex, every Summer, a small village going by the name of Ardingly comes to life with bustling excitement of agricultural wonderment and the gathering of all things fabulously British – it is, the South of England Show.


I’ve been visiting for a many years, both as a child and with my children now and still cease to be amazed at the offerings every year from show jumping to cattle judging, from terrier and pig racing to the sizzling sausage tasting – there’s something to keep everyone well and truly amused. ¬†There’s plenty to eat, drink and even by merry!




This years event is this coming weekend – Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th June and with tickets from just ¬£7, it can’t be missed.

Here’s the LINK¬†– hope to see you all there!

Sussex Campervans Recommends….


Camping accomadation for your campervan or motorhome

They have collated a list of places across the UK, from farm shops and vineyards, to pubs and antiques centres, that will offer you a place to stay overnight for free!!

When you register with Brit stops you will get a special window sticker so that the hosts know that you are a part of the scheme, as well as the list of over 140 hosts and the facilities they offer.

As you can stay for free, and would be an invited guest, not a paying customer, it is important that you see what the hosts have to offer. Perhaps have a meal in a pub if you are staying in their car park, or buy some sausages if you are staying at a farm shop.

The Brit Stops won’t all have the same facilities as you would find at a campsite, like waste disposal, but then they are free and designed for a one night stopover, on your way to another destination. With Brit Stops you could get to stay in some really interesting places, meet some great people and sample some great local produce!

Wild at Heart?…..

As our name give’s away, we call home sunny Sussex, so today, I’d like to share with you a little gem which has been brought to my attention – Wild Heart Gathering


This May Bank Holiday, the small village of Ringmer will be hosting a weekend of exquisite music, amazing workshops, wild crafts, delicious food, talks, debates, wild walks, forages, bushcrafts, yoga, dancing, meditation, song & much more.


Wild Heart offers you some of the best workshops in the country, ranging from Nature connection and living skills, Wild crafts, foraging, bee keeping, stone carving, woodcrafts,  copper smithing, yoga, meditation, dance, singing, archery, shelter building, tracking, dance, biodanza, flamenco, martial arts, circus skills & a host of other surprises for both adults and kids alike!!

So if you fancy unleashing your inner hippy this weekend, there are still weekend tickets (including the all important campervan tickets) and day tickets available from the website starting at £10 for a child ticket.