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Here at Sussex Campervans Ltd, we serve clients all over the UK who want high end campervans.   Buy from stock, or order a bespoke campervan.   In-house Soft Furnishings department make custom trimming and upholstery for the seats and rock’n’roll beds, and in-house Hard Furnishings department design and CNC manufacture special furniture and camper kitchen units.

Unique LPG gas and thermostatic heating system means no more gas bottles to lug about, and no cold nights either. Custom-designed roofs with no hard-to-tie straps, and specially designed seat bed systems which are the easiest and most comfortable available.



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Which van makes the best campervan???

Of course, the van which many people associate with camping and campervans is the Volkswagen. Starting with the iconic VW splitscreen bus, or ‘splitty’, then its replacement, the so-called ‘bay’ or ‘bay-window’, followed by the T25 which retained a rear-engined configuration, then the VW Transporter T4 which saw the engine relocated to the front, right up to the present-day VW Transporter T5 – the Volkswagen van has had a unique place in campervan history. To many people the VW is the iconic camper, right down to the chrome VW badge on the front! Without doubt, the VW Transporter van, the T5, makes a fine campervan, and indeed Volkswagen even build their own – the VW California.

If you asked the question 20 – or even 10 – years ago, the VW product was streets ahead [arguably] of the competition. If you wanted a campervan, buy a VW, they would say. However, in recent times commercial vehicles have developed hugely, and now each manufacturer has superb vans available. Car-like handling and driver experience, comfort and quietness have become the norm rather than the exception.

One vehicle which makes a superb campervan is the Vauxhall Vivaro. This was designed as a joint venture between Vauxhall, Renault and Nissan, and so can also be bought badged as a Renault Trafic or a Nissan Primastar too. Current models feature the Renault-engineered 2.0DCI engine, coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox, or to a TechShift automatic transmission. When you first drive a Vivaro, you will be amazed by the low engine noise, smooth suspension, and overall drive of the van. The short-wheelbase version is of the same size externally as the VW T5 at ‘waist’ level, but has more vertical sides, increasing internal volume without requiring a bigger footprint on the road.

Come over and see us – and you can test drive VW’s, Vauxhalls, Nissans – find out for yourself!

Campervans made ‘just for you’

Now most days when people come to visit us and they are looking to buy a campervan, they look for the right number of beds and we can show them all our options, from campervans that sleep two, to those that sleep four or even five. People look for space and we explain the pros and cons of long wheel base (LWB) vs short wheel base (SWB) vehicles. Customers look for quality so we provide them with a tour of our workshop so they can see the work taking place first hand and keep in touch with customers throughout their build keeping them up to speed on the progress in their vehicle, and even on occasion we introduce them to past customers who are more than happy to recommend our work. We generally sell five different models of campervan:

More often than not one of these five conversions will suit most people, often with a few personalisations (furniture colour choices, different worktops and tables and an array of fabric choices for the seats, headrests and beds, silver or charcoal roof and wall linings, a choice of whether to have a microwave or not, etc), as people love being able to make their campervan truly ‘theirs’!

How do we make it ‘just for you’?

We recently had some visitors who wanted something totally out of the ordinary.

A variation on a theme, but a big difference all the same, these customers wanted room for their pets....
These customers wanted room for their pets….
...and we still provided them with all the mod cons you'd expect in a campervan!
…and we still provided them with all the mod cons you’d expect in a campervan!

We even made a video tour!

This customer wanted all the internal fixtures and fittings usually found on our much higher range vans, but didn't want a pop-top roof... we provided extra lighting inside so that things weren't so dark.
This customer wanted all the internal fixtures and fittings usually found on our much higher range vans, but didn’t want a pop-top roof… we provided extra lighting inside so that things weren’t so dark.
this customer needed room for two oxygen cylinders and her wheel chair... not a problem!
This customer needed room for two oxygen cylinders and her wheelchair… so we adapted our Paradise layout – not a problem!

If you’re looking for something special, unique and custom-built just for you; why not get in touch with us on 01403 336 369 and arrange a date and time to come and visit us, or head on over to our website at and sign up from the Home Page to receive a free copy of ‘The Essential Campervan Buyer’s Guide’ and find out more about what we can do for you.

Geocaching by campervan

Campervans have got to be the best way to get around and see as much as possible of a country without having to spend hours and hours travelling backwards and forwards from a ‘home’ base. The main reason for that being that your base travels with you wherever you are.

When you’re done for the day, you pop up your roof tent and settle down for a nice meal cooked on your campervan’s built in stove, have a refreshing drink straight out of the fridge, all without the need to ‘return to base’. After a good night’s rest in the luxury of your own camper you can be up in the morning and head on to your next destination and repeat the process, exploring the world to your heart’s content.

Now this is a great opportunity for the interpid explorer but there are many other reasons to keep exploring further and further afield rather than sitting on a campsite. One great use of using a campervan as a holiday home, is to go geocaching…

Geocaching….What’s that?” I hear you say.

Check out this short introduction video to find out a bit about this great new activity that’s fun and exciting for everyone in your family whatever their age.

With over 2 million geocaches now active worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of caches to be found across the UK and Europe at large, you could travel around for months and still have plenty of new and exciting caches to find.

The picture below shows just a few of the geocaches hidden across the UK.

Geocaching  Map of Southern England!

To see if there’s any near you why not visit, it’s free to sign up.

The All-New Nissan NV200 CamperCar from Sussex Campervans

We are pleased to announce the release after many hours of development work of the Sussex Campervans CamperCar based on the stylish and comfortable Nissan NV200 van.

This vehicle answers a need expressed by a significant group of our customers who ask us ‘Have you got anything smaller?’ in response to our other campervans.   This vehicle truly squeezes the proverbial quart into a pint pot.   There is belted seating for four – that 4 belted road seats – with 2-berth or 4-berth options [with optional roof bed]

From a driving point of view, the NV200 is excellent, with the punchy yet frugal Renault 1.5DCi diesel common-rail engine on board, excellent manouevrability and visibility, quiet and smooth handling – you really should come and test drive it for yourself.

Inside, despite the diminutive dimensions, there are all the typical camper van comforts: 50 litre compressor fridge, 2-burner gas hob, sink with pumped water, 110Ah leisure batttery and power management unit, 4 touch-contol LED downlighters, 240V hookup, chemical WC and oodles of storage space too.

Our own specially-developed poptop elevating roof completes the vehicle, with a front window and two side vents too, all zippable for light and ventilation.

Prices start from £29,995 complete for Brand New, and an eminently affordable £24,995 for a new conversion on a late low-mileage used van.

We look forward very much to giving you the guided tour in person!