New: pop-top campervans with fixed toilets from Sussex Campervans

New: pop-top campervans with fixed toilets from Sussex CampervansPlenty of folks want a campervan, because they’re lovely to drive, easy to park, and offer car-like fuel economy. The beds are comfortable, there’s plenty of headroom in the pop-top roof, and we can provide two types of double bed up in the roof, too. 

Sussex Campervans really are really well equipped.

The only thing that some clients worry about is the toilet. While a Porta-Potti type of loo is perfect for most people, it’s a bit too low down for others. So we’ve found several ways to provide a proper cassette toilet in our campervans.

With the Manhattan MPV, the answer lies in the fact that we can fit an ottoman bench seat behind the front cab seats. It’s built on a long wheelbase Renault Traffic or Vauxhall Vivaro or Nissan NV300, which is just 40cm longer than the short wheelbase van. A good van conversion company can work wonders with that much extra space. In this case we create a ‘commode’ style of toilet, with a proper lift-up hinged lid. It can either sit within the ottoman bench seat, or if you’d rather just have more floor space, we can put the toilet in its own seat base next to the kitchen. Either way, we provide an upholstered cushion to match the rest of your bespoke upholstery, so it can be used as a seat as well. 

With the Paradise Twin, we’ve come up with a different solution. We can remove part of the kitchen on the offside of the camper, in order to fit the kind of built-in cassette toilet that you might find in a much larger motorhome washroom. It sits neatly inline most of the time, but when you need to go you can simply swivel the toilet seat sideways, allowing you plenty of leg room. The lower cassette is easy to remove from the upper section, when you need to take it away to empty it in the campsite’s chemical disposal point. 

Daniel made a really quick video on his phone to show you how it works! Please click here:

We’ll work on a better video next time.

In the meantime, we have plenty of video tours of all our conversions here:

Happy viewing! 



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